Erasmus+ „iNimation in Clay“ (English translation)

Puslapis atnaujintas: 2015-04-08

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Project Erasmus+ „iNimation in Clay“

The project “iNimation in Clay” embraces 6 countries – Lithuania, the Aland islands (Finland), Catalonia (Spain), Poland, Turkey and England, students aged 12-13 participate in the project. Goal of the project is to get to know different cultures, promote communication and collaboration among them. Using iPads and making cartoons, students will be able to explore stop-motion possibilities. During the workshops they will learn how to write a script, make astoryboard, create a character from a piece of plasticine. They will learn how to apply created music and scenography and develop their filming and photography skills. This experience will be systemized and will be used making personal projects – cartoons.

After 2 years, during the final meeting, we are hoping to make a cartoon about the most popular celebrations of the young people from different countries.

Erasmus+ Project „iNimation in Clay“ partners‘ meeting in Catalonia, Escola Diocesana de Navàs school

Erasmus + programme Second main action programos (KA2) Strategic partnership project „iNimation in clay“ No.: 2014-1-FI01-KA201-000721_3

A group of Klaipeda Simon Dach school students and teachers had a great opportunity to enjoy Catalonian sun, hospitality of the hosts and interesting activity of the Project.

Two teachers – Karolis Makauskas, Monika Šedbaraitė and four 6-7 graders – Aleksandra Dobrovaitė, Ignas Jonikas, Jūratė Stasiulytė and Viktorija Petkutė took part in the meeting.

All participants met in Barcelona El Prat airport on the 3rd March, 2015, and late in the evening stared the journey to Navas town. At about 10 p.m. the bus took us to Navas EDN school. We could see happy faces of our host students and their parents. After the first moments of the meeting were photographed and the happy bustle calmed down, students from the Aland islands, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain and Turkey went to their host families to have a rest after a long journey.

The main goal of the Project „iNimation in Clay“ is to make a six part stop-motion cartoon about a mysterious character that travels from country to country and sees different traditional celebrations. So far, this character is nameless and we simply call it a „Clump“. After the first meeting in Lithuania (21th-26th November, 2014), all the countries know which celebrations they want to present in their parts of the cartoon. The stories, characters and storyboards were created between the meetings of the Project. The second part of the Project was planned in Navas school: we were going to find out how to create characters out of clay, paper, fabric and other materials.

Time on the first day of the Project passed quickly. We were happy about the very well-planned activities of the meeting – workshops and the sightseeing. On the first day we had a chance to get to know different areas of the school, enjoyed ourselves at the greeting concert and took part in the workshop about creating clay characters. Later we participated in a treasure hunt, our teams tried to find parts of a puzzle in Navas town.

A lot of good emotions were waiting for us on the second day. We learnt how to modify and use „Playmobil“ toys to make our own stop-motion cartoons. We also found out about 3D printer possibilities. We had a great time at the T-shirt decoration workshop and had a chance to make a T-shirt with the logo of the Project.

On the third day it was time to put our knowledge in practice. After a hard work in groups we made 7 different models of a „Clump“, then voted for best one. From now on we know how our main character is going to look like. On the same day we had a trip to Berga, a town that is famous for the celebration that is one of the oldest in Catalonia – La Patum. It was great to see enthusiasm in the eyes of the local Catalan people when they were telling us about this holiday. After we came back from Berga, students had to get ready for the Culture evening. Leaders of the countries met to discuss results and the future of the Project.

During the Culture evening we were really surprised by the hospitality of the host families. In the hall there were twelve or maybe even more tables full of traditional dishes. The second part of the evening was meant for traditional songs, dances and games – each country presented its culture. The evening ended at 11 p.m., we needed to rest before the sightseeing day.

Saturday – the sightseeing day – started early. On the way to Barcelona we visited Montserrat monastery that is built high in the mountains. Spring sun and morning cold coming from the mountains created a special atmosphere.

In the afternoon we visited the unfinished church „La Sangrada Familia“, designed by the famous architect A. Gaudi. In the evening, when we got back to the Navas town, there first farewell tears were seen. However, the saddest moment was on Sunday morning. One could see emotional farewell, it was an unforgettable moment to say goodbye to the people that were so kind to you and whom, unfortunately, you won‘t see again.

In April there is another partners‘ meeting waiting for us in Kayseri, Turkey. We are going to learn how to make decorations and scenography.

Project Coordinator Karolis Makauskas

More about the project:

Erasmus+ project “iNimation in Clay” partners’ meeting took place in Klaipeda Simon Dach school on 21-26 October, 2014

During the workshop in Lithuania, which took place on 21-26 October, students and teachers learnt how to write the script and storyboards for their stories. Organizing the workshops we were helped by the head of Klaipeda Self-Expression Studio Febas Lina Ramanauskiene as well as a former student of animation studies in England Akvile Malanjinaite.

The timetable of the meeting was really busy; however, we also managed to do some sightseeing. We saw the little “residents” of the city – tiny sculptures each of which tells a legend. We visited Klaipeda lighthouse, and enjoyed ourselves in the culture evening where participants of the project could taste traditional Lithuanian dishes prepared by the students and their parents.

The Culture Communication centre Art Yard kindly hosted a lecture about weathervanes. Journalist Denisas Nikitenka told us everything about them and our guests had a chance to colour their weathervanes and bring them home.

In Klaipeda Puppet theatre we watched a play “A Broken Egg” and had a great opportunity to learn how shadows and other stage expression means could be used in the project.

Participants of the project also visited the Curonian Spit, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and had a chance to see a dolphin show in Klaipeda dolphinarium. We hope that our guests brought back home only the best impressions.

More about the project: